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Ornament made of soil collected from Jerusalem

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Bringing HolyLand's Art and Heritage to You

    Cochava Nagma, the founder of The Jerusalem Art Project was born into a family of eleven brothers and sisters. Forced to immigrate from the violence and Anti-Semitism in Yemen, the family began their three year journey to freedom in the HolyLand.  Enduring the difficult challenges along the way, as they walked through the desert, Nagma's family experienced many thing.  Children were born, money that they had saved was lost, and Nagma's grandmother for whom she was named, passed away.  Finally their hardships gave way to joy, as their deepest desire to live in the HolyLand was fulfilled.  Her first dream was realized.  Here second soon  happed.  The Jerusalem Art Project, her creative endeavor, was birthed out of  hope, faith, love for the HolyLand and her dream for a better future. 

Our Founder

About us

   The Jerusalem Art Project partners with Immigrants in the HolyLand to create unique, symbolic, historical and modern pieces of art. Available for purchase for individuals and Christian, Messianic and Jewish ministries, every item has is meaningful and carries a lasting message of peace, hope, and the experience of the HolyLand.  Every gift reflects the extraordinary story of each artisan's personal "aliyah" or return  and their divine path back to the Promised Land.  Crafted with excellence, each item is an expression of love for the HolyLand and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Our items trace the historical, spiritual and archeological legacy of the HolyLand and brings to life the Gospel.

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