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Wholesaler Requirements

Welcome to The Jerusalem Art Project family!

We work with ministries, non-profits, gift shops and retailers throughout the USA to provide our wholesale range of meaningful gifts that are unique, in demand and deliver strong margins to our retail partners together with significant impact on communities in the HolyLand.

These terms and conditions outline the requirements for being one of our wholesalers!

Provide the following info:

  1. Valid phone, fax number, email address, address for shipment delivery

  2. Provide Resale certificate or Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

  3. Provide a valid credit card including expiration date and security code.

  4. Orders must equal at least $500.00 retail ($250.00 wholesale).

  5. We ship to USA only. Fulfillment service is available!

  6. Shipping and handling charges are courier company ground charges plus $6.00 per box handling fee.

Receipt of the above requested information will allow you to have the wholesale discount of 50% off retail on all products.


Email us or call + 325-208-3999 for any question/request 

Your details were sent successfully!

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