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Anointing Oil the Holy Anointing Oil Essential Oil

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel and Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, and Calamus. 10ml

The Holy anointing oil is based on the scriptures found on Exodus 30:23-33 where instructions are given by God to Moses concerning the making of it, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Vessels were set apart unto God for sacred purposes, by anointing them with oil. With the mixture mentioned in this passage, Priests, Prophets and Kings were also consecrated for service to God, during the Old Covenant days. This is an oil that speaks of a sacrificial and righteous walk. It speaks of commitment as the person is endorsed and empowered for a particular task that they have been called to.

As per the instructions that were received from God four fragrant ingredients are added to everyone of our bottles containing extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients are myrrh, cinnamon, sweet cane (calamus) and cassia. This ingredients are added in order to compound the oil.

Scriptures related to this oil can be found on:

1 Sam. 16:13
1 Sam 10:1-6

Minimum order - 10 minimum

Anointing Oil the Holy Anointing Oil Essentia -AO5

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